Routines for Your Baby

As a new mom, motherhood can be daunting if you need to go back to work. Baby nurse Luiza DeSouza shares with a new parent the best way to keep a routine when you are preparing to share the responsibility with another caregiver or simply setting up a consistency that works during your everyday schedule. According to Luiza, routine is when you do things everyday, more or less in the same way. It doesn't need to be exactly the same time each day, however it's important and helpful if you can do the same things in a similar order day in and day out so that your baby gets used to comfort of the same order. This makes your newborn feel safe and relaxed. One baby tip is to make the naptime in a different place than playtime. It's important for new moms to reinforce the routine everyday and to maintain similar habits. It's always best to follow your baby's signals first to establish a good routine. Routine also allows the parents to keep their own routine and create consistent time together. Don't forget to integrate time for yourself and for you and your partner so that you can continue to keep a nice, natural flow to your everyday lives. When establishing the flow of your baby, you can then follow by making time for yourself too. A happy parent creates a happy baby.

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