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Luiza DeSouza is Hollywood's favorite Baby Nurse and now Luiza has written a book, "Eat, Play, Sleep." Now you can receive the same baby tips for the care of your newborn as Hollywood's Elite, and share in Luiza's 45 years of experience in infant care.

"There is no greater gift you can give your newborn than being a parent who is calm and who trusts their own instincts." - Luiza DeSouza, Baby Nurse

"I encourage you to take your time and choose a course that fits your needs and your baby's personality." - Luiza DeSouza, Baby Nurse

"Let me take your hand. Let me be your backup. Let me show you what to look for and what to expect. Let me help you build confidence in your choices." - Luiza DeSouza, Baby Nurse


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Luiza DeSouza

Baby Nurse to Hollywood's Elite

Working with Hollywood celebrity clients, Luiza DeSouza has over forty years of hands-on experience as a highly sought after baby nurse. She began her career in her home country of Brazil where she became the number one baby nurse in the city of Sao Paulo. Her unique blend of confidence-building techniques, common sense advice, and emphasis on balance has made her beloved by her clients. Today she lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

Luiza DeSouza has worked as a personal baby nurse for many celebrity parents in Hollywood, including Cindy Crawford; Ryan Murphy (Glee producer); CBS CEO & President, Leslie Moonves and wife, The Talk host Julie Chen; Dana Walden (Chairman, 20th Century Fox Television); Laura and Casey Wasserman, and Shana and Scott Silveri (both writers for Friends).

Since the early 90s, Luiza's stellar reputation nurturing, and commonsense approach promotes balance, and helps new moms and dads to tap into their own wisdom, trust their instincts, build their confidence, and choose a course that fits their needs and their baby's personality.

Bookcover: "Eat, Play, Sleep" by Luiza DeSouza

Available now in hard cover and eBook editions

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Baby Tips

For the Care of Your Newborn Baby

Let baby nurse Luiza DeSouza show you basic techniques to help you feel more confident with your newborn. Watch her teach a new mommy the best way to bathe, to swaddle, to change a diaper, and show what to do when her infant is colicky.


From Some of Luiza's Favorite Clients

Baby Nurse Luiza DeSouza has worked with some of Hollywood's finest, and here is what they think about her:

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford & Rande Gerber

"We can't thank you enough for all that you've done for us. Thank you for showing us how to take care of Presley and for allowing us to really enjoy our introduction to parenthood. You went above and beyond the call of duty." - Cindy Crawford

Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy & David Miller

"From the day we brought our baby home, Luiza DeSouza's influence was transformative. She taught us many infant-care strategies that to this day we use on a regular basis. And now with her new book, parents everywhere can learn these invaluable tips that will forever change the way they care for their babies." - Ryan Murphy, Executive Producer Glee; Nip Tuck; Eat, Pray, Love

Julie Chen

Julie Chen & Leslie Moonves

"Luiza, is in my opinion, the most knowledgeable baby nurse on the planet. Her 45 plus years in helping new moms and babies find their way in the world stretches across the globe. She has dealt with all kinds of situations, and I doubt there are any that would baffle her. She has read countless studies and books on childhood development and brain development. I credit her with helping my son be the happy, social, confident person that he is today." - Julie Chen

Laura Wasserman

Laura & Casey Wasserman

"Luiza is the smartest, most competent woman I know, not just with children - but in life. With babies, no one has the touch of Luiza. While she is extremely hands-on, Luiza makes you, as the mom ... and dad, feel like you can do it. She is never overpowering, and she truly knows when to step in and out. Luiza is someone none of us will ever forget." - Laura Wasserman

Dana Walden

Dana & Matt Walden

"I really cannot properly express how much I appreciate and respect you... I feel like we won the lottery because you were able to help us. When I look at Casey's beautiful, happy face, I know part of her attitude is due to the fact that she has been cared for... in such a remarkable way." - Dana Walden

Liane Weintraub

Liane & Richard Weintraub

"I couldn't have found a better teacher, as Luiza is the ultimate baby expert. A calm and gentle soul, Luiza creates a peaceful and loving environment in a baby's nursery and throughout the home. I cannot recommend a baby nurse more highly." - Liane Weintraub

Christa Miller

Christa Miller & Bill Lawrence

"Because of Luiza, my son is the happiest baby I know. He is adventurous, curious, smart, and he is delighted by everyone he encounters. Luiza could not have been more careful and attentive to the details of his first year." - Christa Miller

Marco Pennette

Marco Pennette

"Luiza is not simply the best baby nurse you could find; she's a warm, generous, intelligent, sensitive woman who we are proud to call our friend... It's not just Luiza's over thirty years of experience that makes her so special; it's the kind, loving way in which she cares for your child and makes use of her wealth of knowledge. She is never unduly forceful or adamant, never makes you feel like you're inept or clueless, yet at the same time she knows when to take charge if necessary... There is no one in the world who we would rather have taken care of our child." - Marco Pennette

Liana Gottlieb

Liana Gottlieb (one of Luiza's earliest clients in Brazil)

"Luiza DeSouza's book "Eat, Play, Sleep" is a real tool for building a foundation of peace for the whole family when having children. Each page emanates peace, love, discretion, smoothness and competence in not only taking care of a baby but in also taking care of the parents. After reading Luiza's book, I went back in time nearly 47 years ago and I remembered the despair in which I found myself. My daughter could not latch on and cried day and night for 20 days until Luiza arrived. Without realizing it, I was following her guidance, thoughts and began behaving like her. She taught me to have a gentle firmness, smoothness and lightness with my baby. This book is a privilege and godsend to parents. Luiza helped me develop my role as a mother, gain confidence, and taught me that even in difficult moments I can stay calm and act proactively. Luiza is a blessing from God!" - Liane Gottlieb

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